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Yes you!

Thanks for stumbling into this nifty web page here. Here is a place where you will learn about your local World Famous Marching Band. So don't think about closing this tab because you don't know the half of what this band is, seriously we’re still trying to figure it out. The World Famous Marching Lumberjacks have been around for 50 years and counting and we’re the only known student led scatter band in the history of the universe.


So you're probably thinking: “Well what am I gonna [sic] find here that I won't find anywhere else.”

Well thank you for asking, by clicking a tab or two you're going to find the the historical remnants that make us World Famous! You can also find some articles of items that make us the band we are today. There were many outside forces that changed the band and made it what it is today, a safe all-inclusive space for all. Hopefully you'll be able to see through these historical remnants what this band means to not only the community but every member who has ever worn the uniform, and performed at school sporting events. We’ve got a collection of photos, text, newspapers, videos, and more. So why haven't you started clicking already!

A little about myself, as the person who started creating this project, I’ve been just a regular ol’ band member for the past three years (and counting). I came to HSU mainly because there was a marching band and a football team; and I love the atmosphere of a band playing at sporting events. I just so happen to become an English Major with a Minor in Music, which has helped me a lot when looking over the material for this research project. I wanted to do this project because I noticed a couple of years of just being a plain ol’ band member, that the band has given me so much. Besides the musical space and many laughs, the band has become my family and safe space where I am myself. So this is my little part to give back to a community that's given me so much. Well that is enough sentimental sap on my part. The hope is that I will not be the only contributor to this website because future banda's, beside myself, will add on to this "nifty web page" here as exist for another 50 years. So stay tuned for more because that's not all folks.

I bet you're wondering now: “Why would someone want to know the history of this silly ol’ band when they are just side entertainment at sporting events?!” Well random citizen, besides sporting events we also perform at many other parades and gigs. All of our craziness can't simply be contained at sporting events, and we've been our own entity since the beginning, and the origins of our other gigs are all (somewhat) here, at least all what we could find is here. This band and this project is also for the community of Humboldt. As our biggest supporters we want them to see how long they've been supporting us, and how we really appreciate their decades of support.

Fifty years ago a couple of bored folks decided to start a band, and unlike everyone else they decided that a marching-like band was a hip thing to introduce. Sure at first, the origins of Marching Lumberjacks was the polar opposite of what it is today. They were more serious in their musical craft, marching style, and they were an all male band. However, throughout the years the band changed with the times, and the all male band became the most inclusive band has ever been to date. Which is pretty cool if you think about it, there is currently a new set of diverse banda's (aka current band members) who think being in band is "hip," and they have enough free time to keep the band rolling. Here's the MLJ story, redacted (to fit the University's ideal code of conduct) and all, for your reading pleasure.

So what are you waiting for, click something something already.